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10 Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviewed


This list of popular weight loss pills and supplements reviewed should help you decide which ones actually stay true to their promises of pounds shed, fat burned, increased energy, and so on!

Losing weight can be challenging. You’re motivated at first, and then you hit a plateau.You may be able to keep up with weight loss up to a certain point, but it often becomes harder to keep up the healthy habits over time.

So, do weight-loss pills simply take pounds off of your wallet?

Are they safe? Will they help you lose weight and actually keep it off?

The Mayo Clinic explains that just because a supplement may be natural, it isn’t necessarily safe. Ephedra, an herb that used to be included in weight-loss pills, was banned by the FDA in 2004.

Don’t just follow advertisers’ claims when considering a weight loss supplement. Doing your own research will help you determine whether the product is safe and potentially effective, but we have tried to do as much as possible for you with the supplements below:

10 Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviewed

1.Green Coffee Extract

You know what coffee is. However, are you familiar with green coffee? Before coffee beans are roasted, the green plant component is much higher in chlorogenic acid, according to Examine.com.

Researchers have found that cholorogenic acid can help regulate blood sugar. The optimal metabolism of glucose is important for preventing fat storage. Excess glucose in the bloodstream can cause insulin resistance, which has been linked to trouble losing weight.

Studies show that consuming green coffee extract can aid weight loss. One analysis of 3 studies found that people who took green coffee extract lost about 5 more pounds on average than people who took a placebo.

Most of the studies that linked green coffee extract to weight loss were sponsored by supplement companies. Although modest weight loss has been observed, more studies are necessary to determine reliable results.

Green coffee extract has few side effects. The chlorogenic acid may cause diarrhea, and the caffeine in the supplement acts as a stimulant.

Which brand should you buy?

NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract with Antioxidants

2. Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been known for its health benefits for centuries. In modern times, manufacturers are concentrating its power into an extract. Experts say that green tea has potent antioxidant and potential anti-carcinogenic properties.

The main antioxidant in green tea, EGCG, causes your body to produce more norepinephrine, according to research. Norepinephrine can help you burn fat and boost your metabolism.

One study found that green tea extract led to a 30% reduction in carbohydrate absorption. Like green coffee extract, green tea extract also contains caffeine, a stimulant that can help with weight loss. The only side effects generally linked with this supplement are those associated with caffeine sensitivity.

Which brand should you buy?

Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Weight Loss

3.Whey Protein

Although whey protein doesn’t directly affect weight loss, taking it as a supplement can be part of a healthy diet plan. When you’re losing weight, it’s important to retain lean muscle mass. Eating enough protein can help you preserve lean muscle tissue.

One study found that people who eat more protein while cutting calories lose more weight than those who restrict calories but eat less protein.

WebMD says that different types of protein have different effects on weight loss. Whey protein may be better than soy protein at helping you lose weight.

According to Muscle and Fitness, the type of whey protein and the other ingredients in the powder are important. Whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein are the purest types. Look for a powder that doesn’t contain a lot of added sugar. Fewer than 5 grams of carbs per serving is ideal.

The brand below is what we recommend to all of our clients on our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge. It’s affordable and DELICIOUS!

Which brand should you buy?

Dymatize Nutrition Iso 100 Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

4. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA is a type of trans fat that’s found in animal-based products, such as beef and cheese. Research shows that this fatty acid has anti-obesity properties.

One animal study showed that fat loss was increased within as few as five days of beginning the supplement. A large review of several studies found that CLA helped people lose less than half a pound a week when taken for six months.

This minor benefit may not be worth it, however. These studies have also found that CLA can cause fatty liver. It can also cause inflammation and insulin resistance.

Which brand should you buy?

NatureWise CLA 1250 High Potency

5. Yohimbine

In addition to a fat burner, Yohimbine is known as an aphrodisiac.

This may sound desirable, but yohimbine has several side effects. It increases adrenaline, which can make some feel anxious.

Yohimbine may also have negative interactions with many medications. It can also be hard on the heart. Therefore, experts usually recommend that people with higher body weight avoid the supplement.

According to Examine.com, yohimbine is often taken on an empty stomach. Food can influence its effectiveness.

Which brand should you buy?

BRI Nutrition Yohimbine HCI

6. Hydrolyzed Collagen

Some experts tout the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen for weight loss. Collagen is a type of connective tissue that’s found in gelatin. It’s easy to mix with beverages, smoothies and food and has a relatively neutral flavor. This is not the type of gelatin that causes liquids to gel.

According to Livestrong, proof of its effectiveness for weight loss is insubstantial. This Three Fat Chicks On A Diet article explains that most collagen supplements are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach at bedtime. It goes on to say that perhaps limiting food consumption before bed is what really causes weight loss when you’re taking collagen.

While its effects on weight loss are still up in the air, it has been proven to improve skin health! It also contains protein, so it makes for a great addition to a morning smoothie!

Which brand should you buy?

Premium Collagen Peptides | Grass-Fed

7. Garcinia Cambogia

This strange-sounding compound comes from the Malabar tamarind, a sour fruit. Although some studies on rats have found the supplement to have fat-burning effects, the benefit has not been significantly noted in humans, according to Examine.com.

One controlled trial found no difference in the weight or body fat percentage of participants who took Garcinia Cambogia vs. those who took a placebo. Other studies have found contradictory results.

That being said, a lot of people still RAVE about Garcinia Cambogia and how it helps with weight loss. The positive reviews are overwhelming, so it may still be worth it to give it a try!

Which brand should you buy?

NatureWise Pure Garcinia Cambogia

8. Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones, the compounds responsible for the sweet smell of raspberries, sound like a delightful supplement. In one laboratory study, the supplement increased levels of a hormone that may be related to weight loss.

However, there have been no human studies conducted for this supplement. One study that showed that the supplement reduced weight gain in rats used massive doses to deliver results.

This supplement may not live up to the hype, but it’s perfectly save to try and has some pretty high reviews on Amazon.

Which brand should you buy?

 NatureWise Raspberry Ketones Plus+ Advanced Antioxidant Blend with Green Tea

9. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is also known as konjac or elephant yam. It’s an absorbent fiber that takes in water and helps fill up your intestines. This can keep you maintain a feeling of fullness and prevent hunger.

Researchers have found that glucomannan helped participants lose up to 10 pounds in little over a month. The fiber feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut, and it can also help regulate sugar and fat in the blood.

One of the side effects of glucomannan is bloating, gas and diarrhea, but this side effect is common with many fiber supplements. It’s best to start at a low dosage and see how your body responds.

Which brand should you buy?

NOW Glucomannan Pure Powder

10. Probiotics

According to Authority Nutrition, some types of probiotics can help regulate body weight.

Taking probiotics may increase levels of hormones that make you feel full. The friendly bacteria can also increase levels of a protein that limits the body’s ability to store fat.

Taking probiotics can also improve gut health, helping your body use food for fuel more efficiently. 

Which brand should you buy?

Health Insiders’ Gut-14 Premium Probiotic

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