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Are you looking for a certain review or wanting more information on one of the products that we have on our site? Send us an email to info@healthinsiders.org and we will get back to you. We do our best to keep up with all our readers request so if we do not respond right away, sit tight as we are working hard around the clock to provide quality health solutions you can truly trust and not just gamble with.

You can also ask us to review or look into a product that you have been hearing about or even submit to us one of your own — We will need to verify the research.

Please Note

Before you email us… If you are looking to contact us about a recent purchase and want to get it canceled or refunded,  Please make sure it is a product that was purchased off the Health Insiders Store Link: (Store.HealthInsiders.org) first, otherwise you will need to contact the people you actually purchased from. Only they can cancel or refund your account.

Send press releases and news tips to: editorial@healthinsiders.org

All other Inquiries such as product requests, reasearch, advertising, and customer service requests must be sent to: info@healthinsiders.org